plaid over plaid

new tights. they spent the whole day sliding down my legs. SO irritating.

dress: bcbg
tights: hue(?)
belt: steve madden
shoes: mine de rien
coat: walter
scarf: random
bag: burberry

hump day tomorrow...yesssss.

currently suffering from a career bump, up in the air about what to do...and fearing the landing. empathizers are welcome.

in head over heels cyber love with this babe:

that HAIR. those shorts!

maya vik via the street hearts

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cropped military jacket: zara
sweater dress: mm6
boots: marni
bag: stolen from mom

went shopping with the boy yesterday. subsequently lost his wallet and all of his precious possessions therin, including his license which includes all his personal information. i am such an awful, awful jacket holder. on the flip side, he got a bunch of cool stuf. he NEVER shops. NEVER. so it was kind of a weird experience, especially seeing how men shop. my dad shops like a woman--it's where i get it from. slow, painstaking, very carefully thought out. and no other guy i've been with has ever gone shopping with me, so THIS experience was quite strange. we were in, had selected clothing, he had tried them all on, and then back on the street again in less than an hour. i mean, i know what it's like when you have a goal in mind, but it was almost like he had someplace else to be. drill-sergeant style.

aaaanyway, these boots are from the fall 2003 rtw collection. i got them second-hand and a fraction of the price (and in my size, no less) and i am madly in love. currently awaiting the OTHER boots i purchased (those were a half size too small); 31 inches of glory. i can't wait.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Are these appropriate for work?

how was the weekend? are we all adjusting to the (screwed up) glorious weather? suggestions for a halloween costume are currently being accepted (cuz i'm lazy and don't know what to do now :-/).

today's photo of note:

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dreary day

romper: mint jodi arnold
tights: hue
cardigan: h&m
blazer: firma
shoes: cordwainer
bag: burberry

i got some pretty odd looks wearing this. i think it was tights/shoes/romper combo. i love these tights. so warm. they'll be great for the upcoming chill. VERY excited about my new boots. hopefully, they are all i anticipated when they arrive.

i am nursing a very sick boy today.
i made a scarf that i started yesterday and finished at 3am. i love the texture and color palette
i learned a new stitch today; finally putting my crochet comprehension to the test
con ed has cut off our gas to reinstall their lines. i am subsisting on graham crackers and cream cheese and cold chicken. not bad, truly.
it's awful out. i need to find that trusty band of mates that you can call at the drop of a dime in a sleet storm, a hail storm, who come by with 6 packs and movies.
in the meantime, i'm watching carrie. perfect halloween standby, even if it is the crappy 2002 version.

halloween plans? it was never celebrated when i was a child, so it has never been a big deal for me. but right now, i'm working on conjuring up holiday spirit. truly enjoying these:

images via dropular and zach

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apartment photos. too cold to go out. ugh...work.

sweater: h&m
dress: laundry
tights: target
boots: frye

beautiful photos stolen from zachisacamera

just found these incredibly moving. got an awful headache. spent too much money and still not feeling 100%. going to be a great weekend though. has to be. positivity!

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a boot for every occasion

ashy morning photos

coat: walter
sweater: some japanese brand
shirt: theory
pants: martin margiela
boots: frye
bag: burberry

currently feeling these from shopbop's site.

boots are so awesome, especially sexy ankle boots, chunky mid calf boots, vampy thigh high boots, and soft, inviting knee high boots. bout to go buy some boots now, in fact.

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sheeeeeeeer lace

went out to 675 this weekend with a new friend--always a pleasure. stood in the rain on line for like 45 b/c said friend REALLY wanted to go. wound up in a foozball tournament with a frenchman, an italian, and a croat. won :-). got a free round of drinks. ate pizza. watched ppl make out and cheer ecstatically when the yankees won after a FIVE HOUR bloody game. then took these pics of my trashy skirt and top under the tram. i LOVE this skirt. but i probs can't wear it bare-legged. cuz i'd be a slore. will see though (heh heh).

again, hair suggestions are appreciated...anyone...anyone at all. celia? :-/

coat: walter
scarf: street vendor (will stop writing this now...been like 2 years)
blouse: castoff from mom (she actually used to wear these in her youth---with hot pants, tsk mom, tsk)
belt: gap
skirt: random for $10
tights: target
boots: fornarina
bag: sally's boutique (salvation army)

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gold tones

watch: graduation gift
diamond band: valentine's gift
gold/garnet ring: gift from dad
gold knuckle ring: recent gift :-)

very laid back dinner at country in the carlton hotel--they gave me my very own candle as it got a bit too 'intimate' (read: dark) in the room--, followed by drinks at raines law room, rounded out by a very long subway ride. :-(. damn outerborough living. *sigh*. i managed to contain my hair for the photo, but it was a little too dark to actually make an impression. it's always really interesting the looks people give me when i'm out in a place that defies my age/race/cultural appearance. an older white couple seemed to have quite a bit of difficulty not staring, lol.
i love this shirt and it's giant pocket.

shirt: adrienne vitadini
vest: ter et bantine
pants: maison martin margiela
shoes: cydwoq 'office'
scarf: street vendor, nyc
bag: burberry

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new coat

so apparently NYC decided it was time to be fall. very abruptly, we all went from shorts and skirts and tees to coats and jeans and boots, all in a matter of a week. yikes. got this coat a few weeks back to prepare, but evidently my intuition was in tune with the weather patterns. wicked awesome timing, me.

and look--FOREHEAD! first ponytail. left it up from the night before and it was still wet the next evening after work. not damp, WET. must figure out winter alternatives to hair-styling to prevent repeat of near-death experience this past spring.

coat detail:

coat: walter
shirt: tahari
jeans: sass&bide
shoes: schmoove
scarf: random favorite
bag: burberry

also, this is SO cool

What tu dis qu'est-ce que tu say? from Viktor Vauthier on Vimeo.

via viktorvauthier

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backpack, backpack

while i always preferred a backpack to a real bag, for the simple reason that i am inclined to put things down if they are in my hand and leave them behind, my surroundings (ahem: parents) often dictated otherwise. now i live on my own, so i can tote about my knitting needles, my books, my wallet, keys, lip gloss and whatever else i suddenly feel a need to toss in since i have 'ALL THIS SPACE' in my nifty leather backpack. and handsfree, no less. glad the backpack is making a comeback.

also enjoying this 'layering' business with outerwear. a few months ago, i wouldn't have had the nerve to do this. yes, i know it isn't much, but i was raised a very conventional, humdrum, wallflower girl. hurray adulthood.

jacket: banana republic
suede vest: thrifted (forget the brand)
shirt: ralph lauren
jeans: j brand (anyone understand the sizing on these?)
boots: frye

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