dark monday

slow weekend. very grumpy today for some reason. i think my worries are starting to weigh on me. perhaps a small staycation is in order...

seems i'm sluttin' it up for monday again. these thigh highs were peeking out as i walked to the subway and my skirt began riding. i don't know that anyone got an eyeful...but i don't know that they didn't either. :)

jacket: pretty face (finally checked the label)
sweater: free people
shirt: adrienne vittadini
skirt: margiela
shoes: frye
thigh highs: sock dreams

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blue sunday

 Sounds a bit lame, but this reminds me of life, all these things precariously perched and balanced. you may not even know how all the bits fit together, but the wrong balance can throw you off permanently.

Items in this set:
Lastingham Classic Fit Shirt, 59 GBP
Wool equestrian blazer, $630
Vanessa Bruno Athe Wool cargo shorts, $105
Cornflower 80D opaque tights, 5 GBP
Vintage Chanel Gold Tone Drop Logo Round Earrings, $460

Any idea how to change the size of the polyvore thingys?

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the logger

commentary brought to you by stream of consciousness:
hiya. laying on my couch watching films with warm heineken. lol. awesome! at some point i'll have to get up and do my gargantuan pile of laundry and clean my house...ew...until then... SPRING BREAK! lol.

i've got a chictopia account and my blue acne dress which drew so many stares and (rather offensive) comments on the street, has received so much positive feedback! it's kind of funny really, much like how one man's (perception of what is) trash can be another man's treasure.

this shirt is amazing. it's my little brother's. my mom gave it to me because he was outgrowing it and never ever wore it. my brother is now about 6 feet tall (wtf...) and this shirt would likely fit him like a child's onesie, gangly as he is. it goes with everything in my closet. it's got blue pinstripe so it's not quite stark white. and the fabric is so durable, yet not coarse.  it's officially my favorite. i adore pieces like this.

the scarf is another favorite that i've only just begun wearing. i wore it once when i was in college to a boy's house (scandalous) where i forgot it. years later, the boy and i connected. we now live together. at his mom's place one day, we were going through his old things and he pulled it out of a box of old textbooks. we looked at each other and both smiled, then he folded it back up and we brought it home.  now it has a story.

oh, and i might have something great in the works! i love new opportunities. especially the ones that appear out of the blue, when you most need it and least expect it. nothing fashion-y, i'm afraid, but, i'm wondering if it will affect my style...hmm. in any event, have a lovely weekend.  i'm on a ban again...hoping to (actually) move at the end of the summer.  being thrifty sucks when you're already broke, lol.

jacket: ??
shirt: my kid brother's
jeans: rich and skinny
boots: Frye
backpack: sol
scarf: old, from my dad

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shiny shiny

forehead. yup. very shiny.
this is my amish/pilgrim dress. people always seem very confused when i wear it. i love that. apparently it's supposed to rain which means the hem will be covered in miscellaneous street stuff by nightfall. AWESOME! i wore boots in an attempt to prepare for the inclement weather. wanted to show you all my socks, but forgot...ah well.

seems i wear the coolest outfits when there are no cameras. wtf?

so how's everyone's week? i have 16 FOLLOWERS??!!

ok, so i don't know what it means. but i think i like it. HI GUYS!!! where would you like me to lead you, followers? can i follow you back? how?

dress: acne 'verve'
shirt: cool hunting people
boots: frye
jacket: ???
bag: sol

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invasion of the plaid clad

counted 100 plaid shirts on saturday over the course of maybe 4 hours. why does everyone own a plaid shirt? and why do they wear them when it's sunny out...random.

anyway, this is my plaid contribution. i went old-school and rolled the hem about 6 inches up. sluttin' it up for monday. couldn't figure out what to do with my hair so...pouf it is.

recovering from the weekend and gearing up for the shitstorm that will be this week. becoming overwhelmed.

trench: zara
shirt: levi's
sweater: vintage
skirt: j. crew
tights: ???
boots: frye
bag: frye

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the modern

for dinner at the modern i decided to go very traditional with this betsey johnson dress. i got it a few years ago for about $45. since then, i've worn it to nearly every formal event i've been to. it's the perfect shape and the texture is amazing. fits like a dream.

dress: betsey johnson
pumps: nicole miller
blazer: firma

thought this was kind of fun:

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realized it was spring...

...and did a wee dance...

woke up at 4:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. this is after spending all afternoon in bars and such and staying out till midnight on a work night AND going to bed too late b/c my body won't shut off when it ought to. yay insomnia. so i got up and did some homework, and yoga, and dishes, and made an overcooked (read: BURNT) popeye for breakfast. class till 8pm? sure thing. not a problem.

apparently, i suck at keeping these kinds of secrets. that's a good thing, i think, in most cases. means i'm a bad liar, and that's DEFINITELY a good thing in all cases. so the boy knows all about his birthday surprise and i'm a bit miffed, but supposedly he doesn't know about EVERYTHING. :-/ lame.
but it's spring and i don't HAVE to wear a jacket/coat/parka/coat/gloves/hat/scarf/bonnet/snood to go outside!!!! woot!

jacket: maison martin margiela
shirt: rvca
jeans: miss sixty
shoes: schmoove
watch and various jewelry: thrifted/gifted

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there's quite a tale attached to these pants. the short of it is that i hunted for an hour for a price label, running from salesperson to salesperson, only to be told they were men's trousers, then women's trousers, then women's trousers mistakenly labeled as men's trousers, then waited for a manager to find them and finally, after all my efforts, i got them for $8. how's that for patience?

i still think they're men's. and i love them all the more.

also think i've been tailoring my outfits around these rick owens shirts in order to avoid wearing them to bits.  i know that's rather silly, but they fit me so perfectly that i wear all three in succession in any given week. i may go back to doing that, or just buy some more...whichever happens first.  do you do things like that? try to preserve your favorites?

jacket: firma
scarf: made by me
shirt: rick owens
trousers: religion
shoes: fratelli rosetti

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school marm


 we look so much alike. :)

sorry about the icky face. no sleep last night. grouchy as ever. stepped in poo while taking these pictures. at least it'll be a four day week. took yesterday off to go to a bevy of physicians (who should totally buy you dinner for all the invasion you suffer at their hands, i might add). it'll be a good week. it's a special person's birthday and i've got a bunch of surprises. can't explain til next week as he'll no doubt be lurking here.

realized i've been out of the blog loop since FRIDAY. no idea what's going on in the (blogging) world. also, still tinkering with the blog. trying to find a layout i like. i wanted it simply laid out, but i've kind of begun to enjoy this dinky orange background. will continue to poke at it.

tried to sell these shoes a few months back and no one bought them via ebay. so now working on incorporating them despite my plank-flat feet (i.e., three pairs of socks). also, i realize my hair is all sorts of mad due to the variety of textures i've been blessed with.  so i pinned it up รก la Flawless Mistake. I've done it with my hair loose, but it never occured to me to do it with twists in until I checked out her blog. My twists don't last very long and my twist-outs are mad, so this is a good way to keep them neat and for a bit longer. There's literally about 3 dozen pins in my hair.

jacket: zara
cardigan: h&m
dress: bcbg
belt: steve madden
shoes: dieppa restrepo
watch: gruen
various rings: vintage/gifts

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