shiny shiny

forehead. yup. very shiny.
this is my amish/pilgrim dress. people always seem very confused when i wear it. i love that. apparently it's supposed to rain which means the hem will be covered in miscellaneous street stuff by nightfall. AWESOME! i wore boots in an attempt to prepare for the inclement weather. wanted to show you all my socks, but forgot...ah well.

seems i wear the coolest outfits when there are no cameras. wtf?

so how's everyone's week? i have 16 FOLLOWERS??!!

ok, so i don't know what it means. but i think i like it. HI GUYS!!! where would you like me to lead you, followers? can i follow you back? how?

dress: acne 'verve'
shirt: cool hunting people
boots: frye
jacket: ???
bag: sol

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Blogger Emmy said...

I seriously love everything acne makes! I am dying for the stripe maxy dress myself but I'm so broke at the moment! You look great!

25/3/10 17:28  
Blogger Melody said...

That dress! I wasn't expecting that. At all. Absolutely love it. And I shall post something on my blog, someday, ha!

25/3/10 19:11  
Blogger xs said...

you styled this dress perfectly. i love you for confusing people!

26/3/10 03:21  
Blogger katie d said...

THAT DRESS IS AMAZING. Oh man, I forgot how much blogs make me want to shop (trying sooooo hard to save money for my summer trip........)


30/3/10 20:48  

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