there's quite a tale attached to these pants. the short of it is that i hunted for an hour for a price label, running from salesperson to salesperson, only to be told they were men's trousers, then women's trousers, then women's trousers mistakenly labeled as men's trousers, then waited for a manager to find them and finally, after all my efforts, i got them for $8. how's that for patience?

i still think they're men's. and i love them all the more.

also think i've been tailoring my outfits around these rick owens shirts in order to avoid wearing them to bits.  i know that's rather silly, but they fit me so perfectly that i wear all three in succession in any given week. i may go back to doing that, or just buy some more...whichever happens first.  do you do things like that? try to preserve your favorites?

jacket: firma
scarf: made by me
shirt: rick owens
trousers: religion
shoes: fratelli rosetti

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Blogger Melody said...

Girl, you need to do my hair! My twists always come out fucked. I don't know what it is. Maybe I'm not using the right products, don't know. But your hair looks very pretty and as usual, the outfit is on point. I don't think there's a single get up of yours I have disliked since I discovered your blog. That bag is the business..

17/3/10 18:24  
Blogger Damsels said...

the actaully neighborhood he moved to is spanish harlem .. unless you wanna call it spaha . lol

it cleaned up pretty nicely .. a queens girl like me almost feels safe up there , but yesterday i walk out of the train station and theres cops everywhere and they wont let me walk up lexington and i have to go around and i'm like ugh cant wait till i can live on 86th .. if ever haha

by the way i really like this look there is some understated masculine appeal to it . looks great

18/3/10 16:55  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

My preservation efforts stop at hand washing and hang drying...I should probably do better. LOL.

18/3/10 22:21  

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