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been looking for a nice shorter jacket to complement my big ass parka. thing weighs like 20lbs. apparently, all that's out there are $1038430943 leathers; $5 leathers that are too light; furs of all shapes/sizes/colors/shades (too trendy for me, zara); and capes. not really into capes anymore. they restricted my arm movement and/or the hanging of my bag straps (i prefer cross body) and it was kind of a nuisance. so back to square one. will see what ebay brings me today/tomorrow.

also seeking out more fitted/tailored pants. bigger pants don't suit my shape very well unless i have something very fitted on top. long torso's are a pain to fit.

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feeling like i'm losing control of my own life; fading into my own background. too much to do, too little to time, not enough happy moments. stressing too much about my grades and my weight and my dust bunnies and being stagnant in the important areas of my life on and on and on. just one of those down days. blah. will be fine tomorrow. *sucking up good vibes*

anyway, the exam didn't kill me on Monday; hoping the one on Thursday doesn't either. housing a brit at my place until she gets on her feet. not shopping. trying to eat right so that i can get my body under control (this hasn't worked in the past, but perhaps if i'm diligent and see yet another physician about it, i might find some solid ground).

go wang, it's yer birfday... :)
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Blogger InnyVinny said...

Don't worry, babe. You got this! Kick that exam's ass! Don't shop. Continue to feed your body what it needs to get you through the day!

I'll keep my eyes open for a leather. How thick do you need it?

3/3/10 22:35  

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