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Utterly obsessed with water and yet completely terrified of it. I think it's so beautiful, but I can't swim. Saved my little brother from nearly drowning twice before he even turned six. I would love to go scuba diving or deep sea diving in one of those little submarines. As a child, I wanted to be some sort of marine biologist. Or an astronaut. Or a surgeon.

I just love the feelings this photograph suggests.

The softness of texture and light here make me want to go somewhere, lay in a giant bed under a ceiling fan in lacy underthings and write.

Kinky, no? I can't tell if his eyes are closed. For me, it would project a very different feel depending on which. I like the myriad textures.

A position I've found myself in many a time...
...leading to this kind of feeling.
I grew up in the woods, on a farm, surrounded by nature. I live in the Bronx, now. I still miss actual trees, walking barefoot on my own grass, being able to look down at the river and the ocean from my house, which was atop a mountain.

I wonder what they were doing? When I was growing up, I lived for awhile in an area that was essentially a dust bowl--very flat and all open spaces. The sunsets used to look something like this, blazing the bleak neighborhood with light.
Sucker for light eyes.
Dreaming of summer. As I don boots, hat, scarf, cardigan, parka, gloves...

all imgs via tfs

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

This is a great assortment of photos, yo. Stirring. I love.

And get some swimming lessons! You never know when they may come in handy.

24/2/10 21:12  
Blogger O'Style said...

Yeah,u are right girrrl!

I love the first one pic, it is just amazing!



25/2/10 11:00  
Blogger Eyeliah said...

oh great photos, I looked thru them a few times :)

27/2/10 12:20  

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