thought of the day

yup yup.

not much going on upstairs today. exhausted. just spent $300 on stuff i actually needed. cardiac function on the brain...

anyone doing anything fun for v day? millions of chocolates, red panties, garter belts, and condoms will be bought tomorrow...MILLIONS. and there will likely be tons of delayed prophylactic procedures taken on monday. i wish there were a stastistical breakdown of the deets. would gobble that up. like fallen toast. ha.

will have real updates tomorrow. happy valentine's day!

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Blogger cocorosa said...

ahhhhhhhh love this!!!! :) :)

14/2/10 14:23  
Blogger rachel may said...

lmao! that's hilarious!!

hope you had a great vday and chinese new year too!


14/2/10 20:52  
Blogger InnyVinny said...


No celebratory stuff for me. I like my holidays quiet.

14/2/10 22:38  

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