i basically lived in these pants when i was visiting my sister in florida. now that i'm back, they're great for days like this when i have no inclination to extricate myself from bed. i wish i could find about 3 more pairs, but at the going rate...i'm probably going to have to hold off for awhile.

it's been suggested that i not dissolve the shoe fund (which was, technically, already dissolved--thank you stupid ass bookstore) so i'm going to heed the advice and continue to save towards something ridiculous. in the meantime, i'm selling these shoes (ones on left), if anyone is interested.

Veronique Branquinho, size 40.5, which is about a 9.5 as they're a bit too big for me. Any takers?

pants: rick owens
shirt: gap
boots: frye
hat: h&m
earrings: gift from a friend in guate

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Blogger Jorgia said...

Oh these photos make me so jealous. I wish it was cold where i am. I want to dress up in an outfit like this. x



3/2/10 19:21  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Damn the shoes; those pants!! THE PANTS!!!

Dude...you have the best pants ever. Do they come in black? Or grey?

4/2/10 01:25  
Blogger -h said...

cool boots!

6/2/10 21:23  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

i'm planning to get a similar pair of pants/leggings...

6/2/10 23:48  

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