little bit prim and a little bit glum today. not feeling too hot--and still not sleeping--but attempted to dress myself properly to cheer up some. evidently, it didn't really work, but hey, at least i don't feel worse.

also of note:
i think i attract very strange strangers...

incident 1:
random man came up to me on the street as i stood outside the american academy of dramatic arts and said, 'hey. you wanna hear some dramatic art?' and proceeds to freestyle at me for five minutes. did i mention he was white? i mean, it's cool if you're white and can rap, but...it was just so...random.

incident 2:
man approaches me on the street, asking for money to make rent for his hotel room for the week. i explain that i'm also short on cash and cannot help him just now. he says 'okay, how about i meet you here tomorrow. about 8:45?'. um. okay. 'great. i'll be here all day. just look for me.' apparently, i'm so hard up for companionshipt that it's cool to make appointments with vagrants now.

planned on starting a 365 this year. since it's like late january now (woot procrastination), i'm debating the intelligence of that move. but...perhaps i'll do it anyway. in february. heh.

coat: walter
sweater: rivy ng
gloves: portolano
dress worn as shirt: dkny
skirt: calvin klein
tights: target
boots: frye
bag: bottega veneta

someday, i'd like to live somewhere like this; where the view from the outside is as nice as the view from the inside.

totally want this desk

branch portions in jars.

imgs via tumblr

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Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

lol, those nyc guys are quite creative to ask for a date...

that food doc i mention:

20/1/10 13:13  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Sometimes you just have to meet a strange stranger. They make life interesting. Sometimes.

I hope you feel better soon, babe. Funks suck.

20/1/10 23:50  
Blogger duckalicious said...

LOL, I used to be quite the weirdo-magnet myself, but then I started walking around with a look on my face that says "beware of the bitch" and it really works! :D

21/1/10 01:36  
Blogger Nika said...

cute outfit

22/1/10 04:33  
Blogger Christen said...

I totally attract the weird ones too - no worries, you're not alone!

And I looooooooove that coat!

24/1/10 12:57  
Anonymous I Am Fashion Weak said...

Cute outfit and love the snood!

27/1/10 08:35  

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