Been a very good weekend so far. Best part is I don't have work tomorrow. :-). I've gained a newfound respect for my job, mostly because they have tentatively agreed to let me work part time in the upcoming year to accommodate school. Was quite nice of them; will see how it ultimately turns out.

Happy to be back from vacation. I'd never really been on vacation before, so it was a nice refresher. I'm so upbeat now! Anyway, I hope to post some shots of the trip in the coming weeks. I was able to visit (apparently) every consignment shop in the greater Miami area, which is both good (because I got to see everything) and bad (because there should be more; Miami is quite an affluent area! and also because I would likely run myself into the poor house).

Today, I was able to go to Penelope's, a sweet little American restaurant in Murray (Curry) Hill. We went in, and as is customary, the line was almost out the door. Probably would have been had it not been pouring outside. But we went in and put our names down. For some mysterious reason, the hostess came out a few minutes later and handed us menus and seated us. Five minute wait, straight to the head of the line, seated. Just like that. Pretty excited since the person who referred me to the place said she had NEVER been able to get in for brunch. heh heh. The menu is really interesting, with items like pumpkin waffles, apple cider mimosas, and chicken apple sausage. Weird. And delicious.

I find this hood strangely comforting.

It was bloody freezing out. I've been the butt of a lot of fisherman jokes lately.

Back to God of War. :-). Bon weekend!

coat: wess parka
sweater: rivy ng
shirt: poof
pants: f21 harem pants
boots: frye
hat: h&m

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Blogger Christen said...

That picture of salmon made me so hungry!

17/1/10 20:20  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Well, you're the flyest fisherman I know. =D

18/1/10 03:38  
Anonymous Lynn said...

happy new year! i love how you layer your clothes. so chic! your pics reminded me to visit CP soon! :)

18/1/10 10:09  

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