Back soon

Still holidaying but will return tomorrow a bit more rested and with a new perspective. It's pretty awful that I procrastinated on my so-called new year's resolutions. Either way, Florida was a wash in some ways but awesome in that...well, it's not NYC and my ass--while freezing--is less cold than the city. Like warm enough that I don't need shearling.

But yeah, back in a day. Actually ready to be back in the mix (but not work. bet those broads are just itching for someone to let loose on.) and all the plans I've made.

23 is a good number.



Blogger S U N N Y said...

Hello. This is S from 102889. 102889 is no longer being used but I have a new blog so check it out and we can follow each other again ^^ alldatglitters.blogspot.com

13/1/10 05:18  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

kinda too humid in fl on warmer days.

so what was the deal with your 15 minutes? :B

13/1/10 15:35  
Blogger Christen said...

I hope work is tolerable and the last day of your vaca was good!

14/1/10 21:50  

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