broken hearted

one of those weekends where i came out the other side more exhausted than when i went in. and this is the week of christmas shopping. oy. the anticipation of brokeness is not a good feeling.

at least it's nice and warm today. :-).

this dress is the only purchase i've ever made from old navy. it's also the best one ever. i wish they'd had more colors. i would've bought them all. just need to find a coat that's less restrictive at the hem, because i realized it tends to catch the dress hem and hike it alllllll the way up. at least i was wearing tights.

please send me all your positivity. i vote we start a positivity chain for the holidays. who's with me? anyone? ANYONE AT ALL?

coat: acne
dress: old navy
shirt: 3 dots
boots: frye
bag: burberry
hat: h&m



Blogger InnyVinny said...

*sends positive vibes*

14/12/09 21:48  

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