so so high

this was merely an excuse to go out and play with my camera. our other plans were foiled.

after dinner at los dados in the meatpacking district, i wound up visiting the highline last evening. we had drunk very small margaritas from small glasses and feasted my still-full-from-thanksgiving-leftovers stomach on mini tacos.
the temperature dropped considerably, so i was forced to don a coat. however, it was still a gorgeous clear evening, and the best part: finding several boxes of woodchuck cider at a western beef. we purchased TWO six-packs. awesome.

this was after inspecting in great detail the margiela store downtown on greenwich. (no footage as i had no camera at that point) amazing. i think i'd like to own one of every article there. the shoes are to die for, and apparently, those geo-heel booties seen on sbarnscher and the divinitus have sold out (nationwide, i might add) in every size but 36 and 37. except in grey at saks. dammit. but the people there were just as sweet as i was told they would be, socially appropriate in any way, which is a lot more than i can say for a lot of other upscale brands. they're having a 40% off sale, so i will be going back to spend all the money i don't have. especially since i got a raise and buying shit i can't afford helps make me feel better. f*ck yeah, retail therapy.

coat: acne
shirt: gap
sweats: rick owens
boots: frye
bag: gap

anyway, wanted to share these:

and finally,

love lulu.
i am pennerad. and i approve this message.

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

That second picture is giving me life. No lies. Shit is dope yo.

And do you mean the MMM 12 boots?!?! I can't find those anywhere. I'm pissed, too.

6/12/09 19:58  
Blogger Pennerad said...

yup. so ridonkulous!!!

7/12/09 11:01  
Blogger Dirty Hair Halo said...

I love your blog, I love your style. It's a must follow.

And, thanks for dropping me the line.


7/12/09 12:01  
Anonymous sui said...

awesome photos! I'm enjoying your blog :)

10/12/09 02:19  
Anonymous kokopuff said...

have you heard "martin margiela" has left the design house? (if he ever even existed!)

anyway, keep checking yoox, they always have a selection of margiela shoes.

i myself have just purchased a pair of golden goose boots from yoox that i've been waiting to find on sale for a year!

argh, i hate it when everything you want you suddenly find all at the same time! i'd prefer to space my purchases out a bit to let the good ol' charge card breathe a bit! lol..

10/12/09 22:21  

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