i am thankful for
boys with flowers and comforting voices
my newfound faith in myself and my future (fingers crossed)
the mac and cheese i made last night
this blog, as it provides me with an outlet for my neuroses
the camera i will have to buy soon...

thanks for reading and listening to my rants about hair and stupid stuff.
thanks for providing your input on many of these silly rants about hair and stuff.
thanks for writing your own blogs! i quite enjoy reading them. truly, i feel i have better connections with many people i've never met than the people that live around me. i'm a weirdo that way.

so i've broken my camera and am not as yet positive what i'll be filling these entries with, but expect lots of introspection; i will be spending most of my thanksgiving alone; i had to renege on my promise to a friend; and i'm completely stumped on what to get people for thanksgiving.
but i'm thankful for my many blessings, including the ones above. now...bring on the mac and cheese. and the inevitable weight gain. i finally fit into my stiffest capital E skimmers too. this is probably my last thanksgiving of fun and frolicking as 'real life' will be catching up to me soon. yikes.


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Blogger Zarna said...

love the scarf in these photos!

happy thanksgiving!

25/11/09 10:25  
Anonymous Alicia said...

Nothing wrong with having e-friends that are closer than real friends. Hell, one of my best friends is a guy who I've known for 7 years and have never met in person. =D

Here's to your new camera and lots of introspection beforehand.

*clinks glass*

Happy Thanksgiving.

25/11/09 12:43  
Blogger Christen said...

I loved reading this post. It always makes me happy to read what others are thankful for and to realize how much I have to be thankful for. Oh, and I LOVE that scarf!

25/11/09 21:42  

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