losing my wisdom

do excuse the mean face. i've been having quite a hard time of it lately. and the icing on the cake is the new need to pull my wisdom tooth; haven't been able to eat anything all week. also just found out one of the buildings i had thought i was ineligible to buy into has apartments being auctioned off starting sunday. yay. so now, i sit, blogging, watching french films, and waiting for the gauze to stop the bleeding so i can finally eat something. yesterday, i had my last night of culinary freedom. ethiopian at massawa...so good. totally worth not having eaten in...more hours than i can count.
my friends are all going out tonight. the black eyed peas are at hudson terrace. and im HOME ALONE. blast...do, regale me with stories of your fantastic weekend plans!

jacket: zara
top: rvca
jeans: maison martin margiela
shoes: cordwainer of new hampshire
earrings: gift from guatemala

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Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

"one of those faces", huh? be nice! :D
Cute jacket tho...

13/11/09 21:50  
Blogger -h said...

cool jacket. hope you're feeling better soon, and will be able to eat some yummy foods.

also thought this might interest you, ive seen versions of the margiela ankle boots @ zara.

13/11/09 23:45  
Anonymous Carole said...

I hope you feel better soon -- losing the wisdom :) is a painful process (I recall losing mine quite vividly). But at least you look good -- LOVE that jacket you're wearing!

I haven't had Ethiopian in some time -- now you have me wanting to have some!


14/11/09 14:42  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

umm, it's 5:14pm and I got out of bed an hour ago. For the first time today.

Exciting, huh?

14/11/09 20:15  
Blogger anna bu said...

in love with those shoes

17/11/09 04:30  
Blogger The Queen of Hearts said...

You look stunning -- I'm most pleased with your hair and the look. Great great shots.

27/11/09 16:57  

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