gold tones

watch: graduation gift
diamond band: valentine's gift
gold/garnet ring: gift from dad
gold knuckle ring: recent gift :-)

very laid back dinner at country in the carlton hotel--they gave me my very own candle as it got a bit too 'intimate' (read: dark) in the room--, followed by drinks at raines law room, rounded out by a very long subway ride. :-(. damn outerborough living. *sigh*. i managed to contain my hair for the photo, but it was a little too dark to actually make an impression. it's always really interesting the looks people give me when i'm out in a place that defies my age/race/cultural appearance. an older white couple seemed to have quite a bit of difficulty not staring, lol.
i love this shirt and it's giant pocket.

shirt: adrienne vitadini
vest: ter et bantine
pants: maison martin margiela
shoes: cydwoq 'office'
scarf: street vendor, nyc
bag: burberry

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Blogger dee said...

hah! so true about the age/race/cultural appearance prejudice. i say let 'em stare!

19/10/09 12:43  
Blogger Natalie said...

I loovee ur handbag! so cute and i like how u wrapped ur scarf. u've got great style! :)



20/10/09 02:18  

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