so sorry about the scary face. had a crappy lighting situation (again).

on the good side: i'm moving, getting a new camera, GOING TO EUROPE!

that last one is highly volatile at the moment, but i'm working on it.

anyone have a good week?

cowl: h&m
shirt: h&m
belt: betsey johnson
skirt: rachel pally
shoes: audrey brooke
knit blazer: iisli



Blogger InnyVinny said...

EUROPE?!? Moving?!? Exciiiiiiiting!!!!!


7/10/09 19:51  
Blogger Lluviaschick said...

love the skirt!

good luck in europe! where are you coming? to live?

8/10/09 10:12  
Blogger Maverick Malone said...

NIce out! Europe!!?? Lucky!!

8/10/09 15:57  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

How exciting, where in Europe to?
My week - big project to do and its so hard to motivate.

8/10/09 17:06  
Blogger roxanne said...

that first image i s phenomenal! i just bought a similar skirt this evening, can't wait for it to arrive!

9/10/09 02:11  
Blogger K. Julien said...

that skirt is amazing, i'm loving the whole outfit.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR @ clothesarecute.blogspot.com

11/10/09 02:42  
Blogger Marta Castellanos said...

amazing skirt!!!


11/10/09 19:02  
Blogger -h said...

amazing skirt!!

13/11/09 23:51  

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