clover club

wore this to work then out to drinks and then dinner at the clover club. which is AMAZING by the way. it's like going back to a simpler era, where folks can sip drinks, unwind, listen to bluesy crooners in brogues and suspenders, and just mellow out. okay, so it was brooklyn, but seriously, what's not to love about this place?

this car=pure spiffiness. what i wouldn't do to ride around in that. driver's seat of course.

shirt dress: j crew
tights: target (i think)
shoes: boemos
necklace: vintage
earrings: some shop for $2
belt: steve madden

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Blogger Bucca said...

seriously amazing shots I really wanna go to the clover club <3

love your shoes too!

28/9/09 19:56  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

That place looks niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice...

29/9/09 01:29  
Blogger Wana said...

ur shoes!! OMG! and that car... *starry eyes!!*

29/9/09 10:46  
Blogger Michelle Yue said...

your boots are amazing... really. and I love the outfit you paired them with. <3

and thank you for your comment and supportive words! :)

29/9/09 20:24  
Blogger Christen said...

Those shoes are hottt.

30/9/09 21:39  
Blogger chescaleigh said...

your shoe collection is to die for

13/11/09 15:25  

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