playing with flash. and my boyish figure. :-)

shoes: schmoove
jeans: levi's
shirt: little brother's castoff
bag: bottega veneta

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Blogger Michelle Yue said...

I LOOOVE YOUR HAIR! haha it is so awesome. and I love your bag! it is like the perfect shape. I need something like that in gray. and wow I love your banner. amazing picture haha. I need to do that to a bra...

15/9/09 21:03  
Blogger xs said...

cute pics! i love your bag too!

17/9/09 03:37  
Blogger Jowy said...

I agree with Michelle Yue, U HAVE ROCKIN FABULOUS HAIR!!

I love that u play with bloish looks!

One Love,

17/9/09 04:25  
Blogger Sol said...

Your hair's awesome!
I love these kind of relaxed outfits. Tomboy-ish and super cute.

17/9/09 22:11  
Blogger She's Dressing Up said...

Love this outfit, especially the length of the pants =]

18/9/09 18:04  

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