Last Saturday night, celebrated my darling Vicky's birthday and first year in New York. North London has come to Harlem and it's BEAUTIFUL. She's thin, she's hot, and I'd hate her bony little guts if I didn't love her like a sister (already). I love those kinds of relationships. KABOOM: FRIENDS.

She requested that guests don black/white. No one was there in those colors, so my effort was almost lost, except people seemed to like me outfit. Like really like it. So it was rendered post worthy. Take THAT traditionalists.

Smoking party in the hallway

I brought the speakers but they were almost useless against the roar. It turned into a 3 apartment party with people ferrying in and out, up and down stairs. I was so sober. All night. And yet, our impromptu dance party seemed wholly appropriate.

After fondling a snake, running around the roof, avoiding the red velvet cake, and completely missing the birthday song, I managed to get home intact.

And a recent construction:

white shirt: michael stars
mesh tunic: rogan
shoes: neil barrett men's
red clutch: sally's boutique (or more fondly, the salvation army)

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Blogger InnyVinny said...


Dude, 3 apartment party? CRAZY!

3/9/09 19:27  
Anonymous Lynn said...

hi there! aren't girl friends the best? :)

i really like your outfit especially the silver brogues!

thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my site. hope you visit again!

4/9/09 10:42  
Blogger Leslee said...

i love all the photos, looks like you had lots of fun...x)

4/9/09 12:32  
Blogger Taryn Andre said...

i like your blog

4/9/09 14:26  
Blogger -h said...

ou your friend's dress very tom ford era gucci.

14/9/09 14:04  

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