Camera ate my photos from last night. Was very, very pissed, but hoping to make amends in future. Actually *saving* for a camera. Yikes. And selling stuff on eBay. Recession has finally come knocking at my door for alms. >:-(. Go away credit crunch.

enjoying CoolWhip and MK and A's coffee table book before actual dinner, prepared by a master chef. And having cocktails. mmmmm.

shoes: schmoove
trousers: h&m (2 sizes too big)
tank: random, from years ago

also watched the seven year itch tonight. i love that movie. white dress is iconic, but there were so many key stills from the movie that mattered. this one was just plain lovely.

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

Love how these photos came out.

And did you like the Influence book? I'm plotting to get it sometime this week.

27/8/09 02:27  

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