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I had the great pleasure of interviewing a fellow (very talented) blogger and one whom I greatly admire for her style choices, great sense of humor, and overall je ne sais quoi approach to life. Alicia of InnyVinny was one of the most inspiring blogs I read on a daily basis and the one that finally tipped me toward staring one (ahem, 2) of my own.

I'm hoping to make this a regular feature. There are so many inspirational blogger out there whose brains I'd love to pick at. Be warned...

How old are you 25...it always feels weird to write that out. LOL.

Where do you hail from Los Angeles. It's nothing like you think it is, trust me.

What is your favorite color Depends on who I'm around, but unofficially, it's blue.

What is your favorite season (of year) Normal seasons, or SoCal seasons? It's a little different down here. We have sunny, rainy, earthquake, and fire instead of the usual. My favorite is sunny. For normal seasons, I'd go with autumn.

What do you do for a living
I work at a union (read: push paper and chase money), but I fancy myself as a designer/creator of some pretty freakin' sweet jewelry.

Why do you blog (why did you start and why do you continue) Honestly, I started because I needed a hobby and excuse to stop dressing like a 12-year-old boy. I like to think it's worked so far...mostly...
I kept with it because it's fun and I meet really cool people through it...and I need a reason to use the really 'spenny camera I bought. I also like the idea of a free platform for advertising for the stuff I make. LOL. I kid (or do I?). Seriously though, I really enjoy doing it. I get to rant, vent, and be vain; PERFECT for a mildly self-absorbed critic...like me...LOL

How do you blog (your routine, space, habits, etc) I blog from my desktop (yes, I
actually have a desktop...lappys are for SUCKAS!) in the same area I make jewelry in. It gets very umm...crowded. Thank god I can work in a messy space because I have stuff all over the place. I try to blog every day during the week and I may post on the weekend if something cool happens. I don't work on a strict schedule, though. I hate forcing things to talk about.

What is your obsession with fashion/style/your wardrobe I wouldn't call it an obsession per se, but I gravitate toward shiny things. I'm like a fish or something. Sequins get me all the time. I've also managed to acquire more than my fair share of black ankle boots. I had no clue until I put them on a shoe rack and saw them all. Kinda scary...

Do you think your style is representative of your locale
When it comes to where I live and where I grew up, hell to the naw. LOL. L.A. can be a bit cookie-cutter and I try to stay away from that as much as humanly possible.

Where does your inspiration come from mostly the internets; there's so much variation and stuff to see/learn about in just the blog world alone. I always find something fresh and exciting while on the compy.

Your favorite designer(s) I can't say that I really have one, but I have a slight soft-spot for Armani since I used to work there. =D

Favorite blogger(s)
It changes constantly, but right now I really dig the Trashicist, Foxy Man, The Glamourai and Novaa. I love Chauss at Je Ne Sais Quoi for her words of wisdom, too.

What is your ideal style ‘archetype’ (i.e.: do you think you have a genre, and if so, what is it? Trendy, hipster, etc, all those labels) I don't think I have one. I'm in a constant state of flux when it comes to what I wear, and I hate the idea of being pigeonholed into a specific style.

What is your most favorite wardrobe piece (or 5)
Definitely my Refuge jeans (wear those ALL the time), a silk blend jersey tank top from Forever 21 (I should have bought WAY more of those), my black blazer that I got at Goodwill, a leopard print dress from Forever 21, and my blue suede Office platform stiletto creepers (I went through a whole lot to get those...). That acutally sounds like a couple of outfits I may wear next week. LOL.

Best (most confident) style moment You know, I can't really recall...my memory for things like that is terrible.

What was the worst style choice you can recall making (funny/comical, embarrassing, head slap moment) oh god, those damn drop crotch pants! I made a pair because I didn't want to buy them (LOL) and wore them with a baggy sweater. I looked a hot ass mess. HOT MESS, I SAY! Never again. Those pants just aren't attractive on me.

What do you think is the most stylish city San Francisco, just because of the variety of styles you see there. I can't get with fashion week cities: everyone wears black and crazy designer shoes. So boring. Sure, it's chic and all, but it gets boring.

Where would you feel most comfortable, stylewise (city/country/etc; seems silly but a lot of people feel out of place in this sense) San Francisco. LOL.
If you could raid any wardrobe and snag pieces for yourself, whose would it be Zoe Kravitz. Or those damn Olsen twins...they have everything.

List 7 random facts that you don’t mind sharing with the blogosphere. I dance even when there isn't music playing, I LOVE Rick James, I have a twinge of OCD when it comes to more than a few aspects of my life, I absolutely HATE when people say "conversate," my house is home to 6 cats (UGH), I instigate arguments for the sheer joy of doing it, and I love plain strawberry Pop Tarts. =D

Visit Alicia's blog for more on her Talonalia line, fauxsaries, and the legendary OWL.

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Blogger InnyVinny said...


<3 you!

8/8/09 01:51  
Blogger Mika said...

YAY i love Alicia, great interview

8/8/09 01:56  
Blogger Takeia said...

I'm late, but congrats Licier! Your style inspires me! It's what I want to do (minus the heels), but don't have the patience (read: funds) to do =)

29/12/09 23:07  

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