Street fair near my house

Went shopping today. Not for me. I think I've lost my insatiable desire for...anything, really. Eager to hone my closet to a fine, stylish point. On hunt for thigh high boots, I planned to go to the outlets up north, and maybe even a Zara for the Givenchy knock-offs. Was disappointed to find, after a bit of research via AvantGardeAnarchy, that they are only knee high. So dissuaded, I turned my sights elsewhere, went out with my parents to look at some houses, have them mock my outfit, and then crawled back home. I'm exhausted; it's been a long week, and I would love to party, but sitting home, blogging, and watching Wedding Crashers + whatever else I can find to watch on TV.

All in all, a weekend well spent, but very, very sloooow.

romper: Hudson
shirt: Calvin Klein
shoes: Levi's
tights: Target

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Blogger Christen said...

I absolutely love your romper - it's so perfect. And you wore it so well. Sorry your parents made fun of it - totally undeserved. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

27/9/09 19:46  

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