Tim Burton

Found these images from Harper's while scrolling through Bleed For Fashion today. Quite enjoying these, perhaps more than is healthy. Time to embrace my inner goth perhaps. While I don't know how to apply makeup in any form, perhaps the addition of more black, some lace, and different silhouettes can make up for my lack of expertise when it comes to topical innovation.

Went shopping yesterday and realized there is absolutely nothing I want from the mass market. Perhaps I am in need of inspiration as I've been suffering from a pretty severe bug the past week+. I need movie happiness. 9, anyone?

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Blogger Rackk and Ruin said...

i think my boyfriend totally feels the same way!! I don't think he's opposed to vintage fur or anything, he's def not a vegan or vegetarian but i think he thinks i would look too "over the top" if i were to wear fur. . . The only fur i wear right now is a big raccoon fur collar i got at a second hand store and added to an old military jacket of mine. . . i'm definitely gonna be looking for a fur vest this fall though!! screw the boyfriends. . .

25/9/09 12:53  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Check out Da Lipstick Bandit's site. She does tutorials now. =D

And this ed....MY GOD.

25/9/09 13:39  
Blogger Rina said...

wow! pics are great!!! :)

25/9/09 15:05  

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