fake movie night

saw this while driving along the highway.

wow. now we're strapping SOFAS on top of our cars.............cool. def need to get out the hood.

wasn't able to get a v good shot of my outfit, due to shiesty camera. so, here's my 'fit for fake movie night (i.e. went to movie theatre, but crew showed up late, so went elsewhere and then wound up not going to movies at all but driving around the city aimlessly for an hour b4 ending up at karma...again. ugh. and then going home to pass out).

closeup of the shirt which has stolen my heart (at least until my new shoes come):

jeans: earnest sewn zazo
shirt: levi's
belt: gap
shoes: cordwainer oxfords
jacket: zara military vest

a note on the zazo fit: these run small so do size up 2 sizes. my bum had a great deal of trouble getting into these even a size up from my usual size. i assume it's due to the high fit and the relatively stiff denim. otherwise, i love earnest sewn. one of the most amazing denim brands i've ever worn. so far i've 3 pairs...and counting. :-)

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Blogger Ashley said...

I freaking LOVE your header!!!! Very eye-catching!


4/10/09 18:15  
Blogger miss_vogue said...

you look great! love the jeans.

4/10/09 21:15  
Blogger Sol said...

Amazing look! I don't like wearing more than one denim item together, so the shirt looks great with the white jeans (yeah, they're technically denim, i know).

4/10/09 21:17  
Blogger Leigh said...

OMG that sofa is scary!! Thankfully it did not fall into the street, do not want to think of what could have happened..

YOu look great !
Leigh :)


5/10/09 03:14  
Blogger CHICMUSE said...



5/10/09 19:37  
Anonymous Marisa said...

I saw this and thought of your blog entry!! http://improveverywhere.com/2009/10/04/invisible-dogs/

It should explain those invisible dogs that you saw :)

6/10/09 21:17  
Blogger Jowy said...

whahahahh first pic is very funny! Lovin the white jeans!

One Love,

7/10/09 01:59  
Blogger Pennerad said...

THANK YOU MARISA!!! lol, i went googling when i got home, but found nothing. gonna watch the video now! Thanks again, all for your sweet comments!

7/10/09 19:22  

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