ha funny faces:

finally cooling down enough to wear jackets. after wearing this jacket, i was so stoked cuz everyone seemed to love it. and then, i was asked by one man where i bought it, he asked me for my number so he could invite me out sometime, and then he proceeded to harass me for 2 years. not stalking or anything, just every holiday i'd get a message saying 'HI!! HOW ARE YOU??? HAPPY (INSERT HOLIDAY HERE)!!! I LOVE YOU!!!' and 'YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL AND INCREDIBLE AND WONDERFUL!! I LOVE YOU!!'. i was so confused b/c when i responded, i'd get no answer back and it was like he was mass texting girls whose numbers he'd managed to score randomly. i'm too nice. note to self: BE A BITCH.

in other news: ARE WE ALL ENJOYING OUR HOLIDAY OFF? or if you don't have one...enjoying the quiet in the streets?

jacket: dollhouse (or something)
shirt: GAP
belt: dunno; might've been a salvation army score by mommy
jeans: j brand
boots: me too
scarf: random
canvas bag: ???

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Blogger K. Julien said...

nothing like a mass text to bring things into perspective, i like this look a lot simple and chic

"YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR":http://www.clotherarecute.blogspot.com

12/10/09 11:46  
Blogger TheGlamorousEccentric said...

cute outfit. love the scarf, its so pretty on you :)

as for the skin, i just exfoliate and moisturize! and your skin is beautiful too so i dont know what youre talking about.

also, of course you can pull of leather shorts!

12/10/09 13:17  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

LOL. What a tool.

And I'm wasting my day off completely. It's too damn cold. LOL.

12/10/09 16:10  
Blogger Nika said...

love your blog, love your hair...great scarf!

12/10/09 22:29  
Anonymous Lynn said...

im really digging your mixture of color and prints. you look very chic!

13/10/09 10:58  

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