THIS could be my new home!!!

It's not a purchase (still renting, unfortunately), but it overlooks the Hudson and has western exposure, which means, SUNSETS EVERYDAY! In New York, seeing a sunset from your house (when you don't make uber-cash) is like seeing a shooting star. rare, RARE occurrence. Saw this gem, and will be working on poking/prodding the boyfriend to let me live here. He claims it's too expensive but it's HISTORICAL; it's got a FIREPLACE AND it's in a really beautiful neighborhood. And he got to pick last time, and we're still regretting that decision--I strongly believe in investing in your place of residence. Saving a buck is fine, but NOT when it comes to shoes or living in a second-rate apartment building. I hate moving....but this place is so worth it.

Any thoughts?

and thanks for the well wishes, all!

no, not moving to Europe(dammit!); at least not yet. need to brush up on my french skills first, as i'm not too gung-ho about living in England.

but going for a while around xmas-new year's.
my birthday is new year's day, so it seemed like a grand idea to visit France and England and perhaps Sweden while there for 2 weeks, but going for new year's to a country where i'm not totally fluent in the language and i don't know anyone seemed a little lame. any ideas on what to do while there?

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

That place is GORGEOUS!!! And as long as I can stay in a back room when I'm in NY, it's good with me. =P

10/10/09 03:12  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

Beautiful place and i agree 100% - living is the priority, so listen to your heart :)

Answering your question,,,, not an easy task, all depends what you are looking for. You may get off of popular tracks and go east for example. Ppl speak english everywhere, so communication shouldn't be a problem.

11/10/09 13:41  

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