does this make me look fat?

i think it just comes off as stocky, but whatever. wore it to work. this is probably as 'professional' as i get there. i really just don't give a shit anymore; no dress code? alrighty. used to get up early to iron knife seams into my trousers and shirts. now i'm lucky if my denim is clean.

plum velvet jacket: hilary radley
shirt: corpus
bubble skirt: dries van noten
tights: random
shoes: mine de rien

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Blogger Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love your velvet jacket! great header photo, i want one of those tops ;)

11/10/09 14:39  
Blogger Mouthwash said...

I just looked through your whole blog (well, the entire page). You have such a fun style! I love that Zara trench you have. It's amazing. I haven't seen any trench like that before.
I think one of my fav outfits is the one with the long silvery skirt. So edgy and elegant at the same time.

I love love your hair!!



11/10/09 15:39  
Blogger Poisoned Amour said...

i really like your tights :)

11/10/09 17:18  

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