backpack, backpack

while i always preferred a backpack to a real bag, for the simple reason that i am inclined to put things down if they are in my hand and leave them behind, my surroundings (ahem: parents) often dictated otherwise. now i live on my own, so i can tote about my knitting needles, my books, my wallet, keys, lip gloss and whatever else i suddenly feel a need to toss in since i have 'ALL THIS SPACE' in my nifty leather backpack. and handsfree, no less. glad the backpack is making a comeback.

also enjoying this 'layering' business with outerwear. a few months ago, i wouldn't have had the nerve to do this. yes, i know it isn't much, but i was raised a very conventional, humdrum, wallflower girl. hurray adulthood.

jacket: banana republic
suede vest: thrifted (forget the brand)
shirt: ralph lauren
jeans: j brand (anyone understand the sizing on these?)
boots: frye

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Blogger snoblak said...

i love your leather backpack. ;-)

15/10/09 20:05  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

loooooooooooooooove the layers, dude. and you got a leather backpack?!? jealous beyond belief.

15/10/09 23:35  
Blogger a fraction of fashion said...

the vest & leather combo is smart


22/10/09 16:21  
Blogger Chomy said...

great layering!!!

1/11/09 14:29  

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