trolling for gold

these suspenders were dragged from a buddy's bedroom floor when he was moving out of his harlem apartment. i've only just worn them today. our relationship has never been more solid. should probably wash them though. :-) everything i'm wearing, with the exception of the pants and ring and earrings, were made for men.

suspenders: floor
shirt: little brother's
trousers: maison martin margiela
shoes: neil barrett
jacket: firma
ring: gift from my daddy
watch: gruen men's

looks like my moving plans may be delayed, but working on getting my way. will see how it goes. wish me luck; your comments were so much appreciated!

also, i think there should be a new tumblr. you know the fuckyeahs? well there should be a 'fuckyeahfirstponytail' for natural girls. I MADE MY FIRST ONE TODAY. took me 20 minutes, but i managed to get it all into a teeny tiny rubber band. it frizzed all day. but it's a PONYTAIL, dammit! totally counts.

currently working on clearing up my face; i broke out worse than i have in years. my skin looks awful. going to give it a rest and do a honey treatment. gah, i don't even want to go outside now...



Blogger InnyVinny said...

Congrats on the pony!

14/10/09 02:31  
Anonymous Nina said...

Congrats with the pony when i had natural hair i remember how it felt to put my hair in one

14/10/09 19:32  
Blogger somedaynewyorker said...

I love those shoes. And suspenders are a must have.

14/10/09 21:07  
Blogger a fraction of fashion said...

those shoes are major!
love the look...


22/10/09 16:20  

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