plaid over plaid

new tights. they spent the whole day sliding down my legs. SO irritating.

dress: bcbg
tights: hue(?)
belt: steve madden
shoes: mine de rien
coat: walter
scarf: random
bag: burberry

hump day tomorrow...yesssss.

currently suffering from a career bump, up in the air about what to do...and fearing the landing. empathizers are welcome.

in head over heels cyber love with this babe:

that HAIR. those shorts!

maya vik via the street hearts

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Blogger SeanGarrette said...

love the blog, check mine out!
and comment and follow if you like! =)


29/10/09 20:42  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

Some changes at work?
Answering question - I like them a lot, but still find some challenge to put on.

31/10/09 23:17  
Blogger Chomy said...

just discovered your blog and i am sooo glad i did...off now to update myself on your older posts...!! rock on!!

1/11/09 14:18  
Blogger Tamia said...

Grrr...sliding tights are the worst. I hate when the crotch slips down to about mid-thigh and messes up my stride.

I LOVE your hair, btw!


1/11/09 23:26  

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