cropped military jacket: zara
sweater dress: mm6
boots: marni
bag: stolen from mom

went shopping with the boy yesterday. subsequently lost his wallet and all of his precious possessions therin, including his license which includes all his personal information. i am such an awful, awful jacket holder. on the flip side, he got a bunch of cool stuf. he NEVER shops. NEVER. so it was kind of a weird experience, especially seeing how men shop. my dad shops like a woman--it's where i get it from. slow, painstaking, very carefully thought out. and no other guy i've been with has ever gone shopping with me, so THIS experience was quite strange. we were in, had selected clothing, he had tried them all on, and then back on the street again in less than an hour. i mean, i know what it's like when you have a goal in mind, but it was almost like he had someplace else to be. drill-sergeant style.

aaaanyway, these boots are from the fall 2003 rtw collection. i got them second-hand and a fraction of the price (and in my size, no less) and i am madly in love. currently awaiting the OTHER boots i purchased (those were a half size too small); 31 inches of glory. i can't wait.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Are these appropriate for work?

how was the weekend? are we all adjusting to the (screwed up) glorious weather? suggestions for a halloween costume are currently being accepted (cuz i'm lazy and don't know what to do now :-/).

today's photo of note:

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Blogger Jessie77 said...

loving the sweater dress!

26/10/09 21:09  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Umm, EVERYTHING is work appropriate. It's all in what you wear with it. ;)

You scored. Major.

27/10/09 00:10  
Blogger beckyxoxo said...

i adore the boots so so much ! :D

27/10/09 09:48  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

Depends from the work ;)

27/10/09 20:29  

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