dreary day

romper: mint jodi arnold
tights: hue
cardigan: h&m
blazer: firma
shoes: cordwainer
bag: burberry

i got some pretty odd looks wearing this. i think it was tights/shoes/romper combo. i love these tights. so warm. they'll be great for the upcoming chill. VERY excited about my new boots. hopefully, they are all i anticipated when they arrive.

i am nursing a very sick boy today.
i made a scarf that i started yesterday and finished at 3am. i love the texture and color palette
i learned a new stitch today; finally putting my crochet comprehension to the test
con ed has cut off our gas to reinstall their lines. i am subsisting on graham crackers and cream cheese and cold chicken. not bad, truly.
it's awful out. i need to find that trusty band of mates that you can call at the drop of a dime in a sleet storm, a hail storm, who come by with 6 packs and movies.
in the meantime, i'm watching carrie. perfect halloween standby, even if it is the crappy 2002 version.

halloween plans? it was never celebrated when i was a child, so it has never been a big deal for me. but right now, i'm working on conjuring up holiday spirit. truly enjoying these:

images via dropular and zach

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

I love an odd look. Makes me think I did something right.

I hope the boy feels better. Oh, and if straights get dire, you should get a mini cooktop (the kind that take a can on butane). =D

24/10/09 22:51  

Love your funky style!

26/10/09 11:19  
Blogger Tamia said...

Those SHOES! I love the whole look.


1/11/09 23:28  

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