sheeeeeeeer lace

went out to 675 this weekend with a new friend--always a pleasure. stood in the rain on line for like 45 b/c said friend REALLY wanted to go. wound up in a foozball tournament with a frenchman, an italian, and a croat. won :-). got a free round of drinks. ate pizza. watched ppl make out and cheer ecstatically when the yankees won after a FIVE HOUR bloody game. then took these pics of my trashy skirt and top under the tram. i LOVE this skirt. but i probs can't wear it bare-legged. cuz i'd be a slore. will see though (heh heh).

again, hair suggestions are appreciated...anyone...anyone at all. celia? :-/

coat: walter
scarf: street vendor (will stop writing this now...been like 2 years)
blouse: castoff from mom (she actually used to wear these in her youth---with hot pants, tsk mom, tsk)
belt: gap
skirt: random for $10
tights: target
boots: fornarina
bag: sally's boutique (salvation army)

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

Girl, you just need it shaped. Don't cut to much! I'm living through you and Muze, forgodsake!

21/10/09 00:22  

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