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so this is a post about outerwear. was not meant to be a post about outerwear, but i've got a million different over-things. went a little shutter happy on sunday afternoon. pardon the delay in posts. with the passing of midterms and the beginning of the more grueling part of the semester, i have had to share my computer time (not mad, i swear), but i have made up for it in photos. oodles of photos i have stuffed onto my memory card. and there are more to come! so will have to divvy up time at work (yes, work, don't act like i'm the only one procrastinating at work). and time at home.

yes, i know. i suck at editing. anyway, i was also tagged by Alicia at Instant Vintage

first tag ever, woot! so these are my seven interesting things. fascinating, really.
1. i love shoes. shoes i can't afford; shoes on clearance; oxford shoes, platform shoes, and BOOTS...ahhh, boots. so many shoes, i have a 6" steel shoe rack that took 2 people to put together.

2. i cut all my hair off last year (around october), looked like a prepubescent boy, grew it out, and am now suffering from wtf syndrome. it's just big and confused and i have no idea what to do with it all. my nickname is 'mop', nowadays. i'm jamaican and i find that persons of color and, West Indians especially, do not approve of this hair, whereas other ethnicities do. tough tits.

3. i love crocheting/embroidery/knitting. people think i'm really old for doing this, in public, no less, but it's such a productive hobby! just learned a few new stitches and will post about what i've made recently. current project: pouch for my knitting needles.

4. i am a budding author/activist/doctor. yes, all those things. i used to love school. i'm going back come spring (cross fingers) and hope to be on the path to completion of all these goals by fall of 2010.

5. i sing random sentences. and words. and phrases. and have a random habit of putting 'the' in front of everything (i.e. the bryant park; the yankee stadium, etc).

6. i am a massive tomboy. the tales of my wearing baggy trousers w/boxers and wifebeaters in COLLEGE are epic. my video game addiction and lack of interest in so-called 'girly' things seems to have reinforced this belief in other folks. i've been a third party listener to the embarrassing tales. i like to think i have somewhat recovered from the ugly phase of my tomboyness and have embraced it in a more graceful form that does not require that i look like an ex-con.

7. i talk to EVERYONE. very friendly. especially for nyc. people here think i'm a weirdo for saying good morning and smiling at people. i'm by no means a morning person, but i find that if i make eye contact with a person and smile at them (not creepy pedophile smile) they tend to smile back. all you need is love, world.

so there is my random smattering of information. sorry for the long post. will make up for it by posting more regularly.

thanks for reading!

forgot to tag folks. sooo...i tag
the divinitus
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and fashion cappuccino

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

Dude, 5 and 6...we are >>here<<

11/11/09 01:51  
Blogger Pennerad said...

lol. kewwwwl. going to get a new 360. my old one is broken. and then i'll have almost the whole collection. have to go back and get the super NES back.

11/11/09 12:38  
Blogger Nika said...

I'm a Jamaican who approve of your hair, in fact, i love it! nice boots :)

11/11/09 17:21  
Blogger hannah said...

lots of cool stuff! that khaki jacket is great

12/11/09 13:00  
Blogger Michelle Yue said...

ah thanks for tagging me! I'll do this soon... I need to figure out similarly clever things about myself. XD

I am the opposite as far as #7 goes! I'm completely shy and awkward in person... and very non-approachable, which kind of sucks.

12/11/09 15:05  
Blogger snoblak said...

love the hair.... i am in the process of going short myself. and i love the casual look you have going. good luck with midterms.

13/11/09 09:32  
Blogger dee said...

i was just lamenting the fact that i have zero outerwear! lucky that you have built up a solid collection.

13/11/09 12:34  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

I totally love that beigey-white coat outfit on you, slouchy and so luxurious. And I like your hair, their natural freedom and how nice frame your face. Sleek Jil Sander's collection would compliment it well ;)

So thanks for tagging me, your 4 and 7 I could relate to [perhaps not in mayors but in a variety].

13/11/09 13:42  

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