trapper keeper

pardon the absence. i submit the following images as a (slight) consolation until i'm able to muster the brain power/energy to create a worthwhile outfit.

so these hats are making a comeback (did they ever really leave?) and i decided to bust out this year old picture of me when i was able to wear hats cuz my hair was a wee bit shorter (okay, like 8 inches shorter) and i looked like a man.

a more extreme take on the trend:

so halloween was bloody exhausting, and i still don't fully have my voice back, but i suppose those make for the best nights, yeah? anyone have a ridonkulous weekend?

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

See,now why couldn't my hair grow 8" in one year?!?! ugh.

3/11/09 13:07  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Oh, and I tagged you in my last post. =D

3/11/09 13:07  
Blogger Pennerad said...

woot! i wonder what for...

edit: just checked. will respond. thanks dude!

4/11/09 22:46  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

Yep, I own this hat too.

6/11/09 22:07  
Blogger Shay said...

I so want one of those hats...

7/11/09 16:53  
Blogger diamondsinchampagne said...


7/11/09 22:28  

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