faux patriot

i'm not american. but the wall was nice, no?
still working on hair issues. so mad right now. i had to CUT my hair last night. CUT!!! so many tangles and knots and stuff caught in it, lol. it's like a bigass web.
i've just been informed of lavarhairdesigns, a high-priced 'african american' establishment on the upper west side.
today i look like gumby. hopefully, by the end of the weekend, i can look...normal?

SO, i'm selling stuff!!! to pay for other stuff...of course, so if anyone is interested in those marni boots, let me know cuz they're up for grabs. will be posting the pics and stuff on ebay tonight (cross fingers) as i've finally got some alone time with my pc.
i'm going to a dinner party and hopefully out for drinks on saturday. that's pretty much my docket for the next couple of days, along with some spending (to be offset by the selling; it's good to maintain a balance). maybe i'll get a blow-out...who's got great plans for the weekend?



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