new muse

Alessandra Colombo

Fashion designer

Best Sartorial advice from your parents?
When I was twelve my mother took me to get my first custom made jacket and shoes – she gave me the essential basis of a perfect wardrobe

Style Icons?
Loulou de la Falaise, Frida Kahlo, the Gainsbourg-Birkin family.

Describe your personal style
It’s usually quite androgynous with super feminine touches.

Personal Style quirk
I always buy trousers (with creases) at least two sizes bigger than my size - in order to style them my own way.

Favorite designers
Forever and ever: Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent

Most underrated item in menswear/womenswear?
The hat; we should all wear a hat more often!

Your next "must have" purchase?
A vintage yellow gold Rolex chronograph

Favorite Book?
Alice in Wonderland

via the sartorialist

she takes menswear to a different level. love this. this is my aspiration re: menswear, which is my fall-back style, i guess. i'm still tailoring my wardrobe to fit my new lifestyle and approach to style and fashion. i think a few good, well-placed staples are very important in any wardrobe and will give me (or my closet) the flexibility to move and change and adapt to new sartorial interests.
SO! who's got turkey to look forward to?

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

I stopped reading Sarty, and now I'm mad. She's excellent.

Happy Thanksgiving!

26/11/09 14:49  
Blogger Kendra said...

Love the pictures and love your blog, please come check out mine and let me know what you think :)


28/11/09 00:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love LOVE the inspiration darling
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

28/11/09 03:42  
Blogger Michelle Yue said...

amazing; her style fits you perfectly! XD I can totally imagine you in every outfit she's wearing.

28/11/09 23:40  
Blogger The Queen of Hearts said...

For a second I wasn't sure if this was a man or a woman. Actually, I'm still not sure but I almost don't even care because I think the looks work regardless!

1/12/09 20:00  

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