inspired by this guy (and a few other cartoons i can't remember) for this post. great hair, huh?
i need a new coat. with pockets, unfitted, perhaps a funnel neck and/or hood, but not absolutely necessary. the duffle at surface to air is lovely, but...$600+? wee bit difficult to swallow s2a. though it seems that's the going rate for a decent outerwear piece. damn this inflation.

jacket: joseph
vest: braeffer's leather
shirt: rick owens
pants: maison martin margiela
boots: frye
hat: h&m

my hair kicked the bucket exactly one day after it being done. smooth be gone. really. damn shame. i got more comments on the picture i posted to facebook than i've gotten and most anything else i've ever posted. lol.

been reading the news a lot lately. why is it so hard for us to agree on a decent standard of healthcare???

any christmas plans? family gatherings for christmas, dinner the day after, a renewal of vows the day after that. and a special christmas surprise. :-) i'm going to miami for new year's. dunno what i'll do there as i'm not much of a clubber. but we'll see.

now to put the house in order. oy. also, is anyone else addicted to tumblr? they have this live feed thing that i recently found out about...can't tear my eyes away.


WHERE do they have signs like this? in all my 22 years, never have i seen one...

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

Get a swacket. Trust me on this one.

10/12/09 12:53  
Blogger Pennerad said...

hmmm...but the only warm one they have is that white one...WHITE???!!

10/12/09 17:09  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

I think you look great in grays :)

11/12/09 23:42  
Blogger Christen said...

You are going to have a blast in Miami for New Year's! I adore Miami and I'm not much of a clubber either.
Loving the layering in these pictures and the location is beautiful!

13/12/09 14:34  

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