holding firm

coat: acne
shirt: rick owens
jeans: levi's capital e skimmers
scarf: old h&m
boots: me too
bag: burberry

so pretty outside.
and so f'ing cold...messed up. anyone know about what goes on in miami for amusement's sake? should i just be looking forward to getting drunk?
cuz i don't like that.

this reminds me so much of my best friend. down to the backdrop. so perfect.

mia kirschner is one of my favorite actresses. she grew to be a bit annoying in the l word, toward the end of the show, but i love her no less. she's so wonderfully emotive. anyone remember her from not another teen movie? nasty kiss...ew.
photo by robert zuckerman.

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Blogger snoblak said...

holy moly! i had shoes just like your except they were a bluish-grey color and didn't have a zip. those are the infamous shoes that caused me to break my ankle in the metro whilst living in Paris. LOL! talk about memories. love the outfit. and your hair. i wish i could go au-natural like that.

16/12/09 09:53  
Blogger fashiiondiaries said...

your looking so cool!

17/12/09 06:49  
Blogger Liya said...

love this look, espesh that fierce coat!! and that last pic....famaaaazing

following :)


17/12/09 15:11  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

new boots? your hair looking good :)

18/12/09 21:16  

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