yep. 5 of 'em. yep, i'm too lazy to go outside. this is my attempt at layering for warmth. suddenly, though, i'm not feeling too cold. i think it's cuz i over-layer in the morning, RUN to the subway all bundled, and then walk to work, coffee in hand. but yeah, the occasional stints (like yesterday's 2 trips to the passport agency) get pretty chilly.
i've mostly done my christmas shopping, although i'm still on the lookout for the one or two miscellaneous items that folks have dropped hints about. i don't feel that at my age or position in life, it makes sense to break the bank on a bunch of stuff that will end up in a closet or on a table someplace, unused. and unfortunately, that's probably what happen (i.e.: i'm NOT getting you that ant farm, little brother).
in other news, i've got these wicked awesome purple pants to debut; still planning/packing for my trip to MIA; hair is somewhat under control these days (YESSSSSSSS); AND i've suddenly got a crapload of money in my bank account. go me for saving.

boots: paul smith
denim: earnest sewn
hoodie: 3 dots
tank top: urban
cardigan: free people

i think i'm hooked on tumblr...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous in these shots....keep up the good work

28/12/09 17:26  

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