it's brick out. absolutely ridiculously freezing. apparently, it's about 20 degrees cooler than it should be for this time of year. this is, of course, according to the ghetto news, so it's definitely not etched in stone.
anyway, capricorns gearing up for new year's/birthday season in new york, BUNDLE UP. it's supposed to be frigid out. can't wait to see those manhattanites braving the cold and chill in their bare legs and manolos. should be entertaining in a perverse, less chic way.

also came across this article which addresses (in a most comical fashion) the fashion editor's recent exposure to the fashion blogger and how the tides have changed re: the front row of fashion shows. this debate has been going on for awhile now, but the comments section was quite quite amusing, so thought i'd share.

parka: nicholas k
shirt: rick owens
sweater: h&m
jeans: earnest sewn decca
boots: Frye

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Blogger WendyB said...

You had me at "the attention span of a fruit fly and the curiosity of a newborn."

29/12/09 19:12  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

you need some northface down puffer to keep warm.
will read the article ;)

29/12/09 23:32  
Blogger Damsels said...

its freaking ridiculous outsidde!!!

yea that was bushwick
sometimes im like oh this will be cool and then i jsut getthere and its seems pretty lame to have traveled so far from east harlem . which is where i am usually

thnaks for dropping by again .

30/12/09 17:10  
Blogger fadetoblack said...

im away for xmas but i dread going back because of the frigidity!++
oh and that parka is sick!!!++3

30/12/09 21:05  

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