new year's

parka: nicholas k 'wess'
pants: rick owens
shirt: banana republic
boots: frye
gold rope: vintage

so yesterday was my birthday. spent new year's eve with good friends, food, and drink, and rang it in completely smashed. thank goodness i was able to sleep in. clearly, i'm getting too old to handle my liquor. :-)
happy new year all!
anyone make any resolutions?

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Blogger Christen said...

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!!! I hope 2010 is your best yet :)

2/1/10 22:19  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

Happy Birthday and HNY!!!!!

I wish you the absolute bestest for both. =D

3/1/10 03:41  
Blogger Dirty Hair Halo said...

I love love love those Frye boots.


3/1/10 19:52  
Blogger Michelle Yue said...

I adore your parka... I want to find something similar. hope your enjoying 2010 so far! <3

7/1/10 01:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know so many people who had their birthday around new year eve!!! well, good time is the best! and love the photos, xx

7/1/10 01:49  
Blogger anna bu said...

happy b day!
wicked booooooots!!


8/1/10 16:36  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

hi girl i hope u having fun in miami, taking nice and warm[er] time off :) [my trips in couple months].

9/1/10 12:06  
Blogger The CultureCynic said...

happy bday and new ywar!!!! love the parka!!! stay fab!

9/1/10 12:08  
Blogger Damsels said...

those boots and the parka were meant for eachother

11/1/10 15:33  

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