planning on changing this forum up a bit. will see how it pans out.
i'm wrinkled as hell. consequence of getting up 45 minutes later than usual. and not caring. note red tights, my f--- you to the world, for having to get up early AND go to work.

and what are the odds of this?
two kiwi strawberry snapples with identical caps.

means it's gonna be a good year. :-)

jacket: walter
sweater: h&m
skirt: dries van noten
hat, tights: h&m
boots: frye
bag: bottega veneta

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Blogger InnyVinny said...

I love random good luck.

And those boots...ship them. Please. Kthanks.

OH! Dude, I made a dress...it's a perfect dress. Not too short and forgiving of everything. It's AWESOME.

19/1/10 23:28  
Blogger Christen said...

I just squealed. That's how much I love those red tights!

24/1/10 12:57  

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