this post is about a celebrity (i.e.: i spent the day in my sweats and have nothing outfit-worthy or witty to write about) whose style i admire. generally, i don't give a crap, but it was fun to run through all the candids and basically ogle.

so, yeah, totally in love with (yet another) girl. i think attractive men are harder to come by. raised my standards too high, i guess. she's yeezy's girl and whatnot, and her style has been (sometimes correctly) described as 'contrived, like rihanna's', and she's kind of vapid sometimes...but still....swaggerific.

this photo was meant only for the eye makeup close up...bit too close, yeah?

spent an absurd amount of time yesterday with a bunch of girls i'd never met before drinking and watching tv commercials and talking about which people we all would and would not hypothetically sleep with and why. is this normal? or just drunk? hm.

either way, very fun. thoroughly entertained and was eager to do it again. except for some reason i'm thoroughly exhausted and it's already saturday night and tomorrow is sunday which means the next day is monday and that is WAAACK.

happy weekend!

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Blogger heart charlie said...

Yes! She is amazingly stunning, stylish, cool, sexy, pretty, inspiring...list goes on and on :) And her body is to die for!

31/1/10 01:12  
Blogger Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

Loooove her. And I love the contrast b/w her and Anna in that picture :P

31/1/10 10:08  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

It's normally drunk. LOL.

And she is hawt. Ridiculously so.

31/1/10 22:16  

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