i believe lipstick is in order. i have barney rubble face.

things i've learned this week:
-stay hydrated when drinking...or else
-if you forget that you suffered head trauma, there will be no visible swelling
-school is more fun the second time around
-school is just as bad the second time around
-i prefer the clothes that suit my own body (à la Jolie-Laide and InnyVinny)
-books are frickin expensive; the shoe fund will be dissolved in coming weeks
-i am a foodie (Freeman's is the shiznit)
-i want to travel more
-i'm a linguist and i need to not waste those skills
-i need to bone up my social skills; i'm like a hermit
-i hate group work, bureaucracy, crowded trains, lines at starbucks, and cablevision

sweater: crossley
shirt: theory
jeans: j brand
shoes: boemos



Blogger InnyVinny said...

YES! Water is SO important if you are indulging in a bit o' the creature.

Amd why dissolve the shoe fund? KEEP IT! KEEP IT for something RIDICULOUS.

2/2/10 17:32  
Blogger Christen said...

Clearly I love button-down shirts completely buttoned up (see my post today) and this look is awesome!

And I'm a hermit too. I have to actively work at being social.

2/2/10 21:14  

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