how i spent my weekend

*picture overload*

renowned Lombardi's pizza. totally worth the wait. 40 minutes from door to pizza.

so pissed. thought i had outwitted these jeans and managed to keep them white. evidently, the bench at eileen's was not as inviting as it looked. cheesecake was almost worth it. almost. damn good though.
on the flip side, it does kind of look like a heart.

ruining the shot of this gorgeous door in soho. was very pleased. >;)

skyline from the east side


how did y'all spend YOUR weekends?

sweater: complex geometries
cropped jacket: zara
shirt: helmut lang (detail shots to come; it was too cold)
jeans: earnest sewn (i can fit into these again!!!)
shoes: ferragamo
gloves: portolano, cashmere lined leather gloves (which i ruined by spilling yogurt in my bag--genius)

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Anonymous Carole said...

LOVE those shoes. Ferragamos always feel so good too.

7/2/10 18:48  
Blogger Marlboro Martini said...

That pizza that hat. Yum.

I also appreciate your dedication to clogs.

MM x

8/2/10 05:13  
Anonymous PourPorter said...

Ha! It’s always a battle with white jeans, no? I’ve managed to only have to bleach them twice in the 8 months I’ve owned (and worn the shit out of) them! Yours look great.

8/2/10 10:47  
Blogger Christen said...

Love the color of that scarf! And I could really go for some of that pizza right now...

8/2/10 22:41  
Blogger InnyVinny said...

You should totally keep the heart stain.

Your hair is amazing.

8/2/10 22:53  
Anonymous mahayanna said...

Love the hat!

9/2/10 17:16  
Blogger deep_in_vogue said...

The pizza looks so delish! You look gorgeous, love the jeans, love the hat!

9/2/10 23:30  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

coool sweater ;)
my weekend was kinda busy, work related.

12/2/10 13:46  
Blogger simplychic said...

i love pic overload, and i love your outfit, and i love your blog ;) i will be back!

12/2/10 20:32  

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