the cuffs

aaaand, the cowlick is back! mostly, i slept with my hair in a ponytail and it came out ridiculous this morning. excuse that part. it was awful quiet this morning on my street; not many had to go to work. kind of a nice change to have NO ONE on the block. the dog poop, however, seems to be worse today. ew.

got these pants at a really great price. they're big, i think, but fit my bum perfectly, so i got them anyway. my first homage to mcqueen. i can incorporate it into my existing wardrobe easily, the fabric is incredibly soft, and so WARM! love the fit. probably should've worn my other ankle boots or cuffed these a bit higher, but w/e.

i thought this picture made me look a little pompous; kind of a stepford laugh, lol.

cabbie made me take a shot with his car.

my yin boots. just realized i could cuff them. whole new world, now. o_o

happy monday!

coat: joseph
sweater: old, from some frumpy store
shirt: j crew
pants: alexander mcqueen
boots: yin

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Blogger Michele said...

Looking good! Love the coat and those gloves!!

15/2/10 11:37  
Blogger Marla Singer said...

wow you have such great style! love the layering and those pictures are amazing <33

15/2/10 17:19  
Blogger katie d said...

I love this look! Your hair is awesome I'm so jealous of the texture.

To answer your question, I basically want to get tattoos all the time, I just think about it more when I actually have money to pay for them lol.


16/2/10 02:25  
Blogger Daphne said...

The pants and coat go together SO well, somehow. I think it's the subtle shine in the pant material, and then the epaulet-type shiny shoulders on the coat. The camel gloves offset it all perfectly. Really, a great oufit.

16/2/10 14:24  
Anonymous Melody said...

You have the most beautiful smile. I have been viewing your blog now for a little while, I admire your ability to just do YOU. You always look so.. you.. if that makes sense. I adore it. And I adore your hair. But seriously, that smile is a killer. You are adorable. I love your layering ability too, perfect always.

17/2/10 15:34  

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