coming off of a 2 day migraine...wtf? trying to take better care of my body starting this weekend (i know, i know...again. but i'm serious this time!). did some new thing to my face last night because of the dry air in the apartment and on the street and it feels INCREDIBLE today. going to see if it continues to work. considering taking up spinning class to get my energy up (and pass out afterward, so maybe i can get some sleep).
met a girl yesterday with whom i had class a few years back and she asked me, 'SO HOW'S YOUR NARCOLEPSY?'
apparently it was 'common knowledge' that i was narcoleptic. lol. when in fact, i had insomnia. why do these things happen to me. now i'm wondering how MANY people had been thinking this. simply awful.

OH, AND I HAVE A BUN! I HAVE ENOUGH HAIR FOR A BUN! going to do a hair retrospective. this is big news!

big plans for the weekend?

coat: joseph
scarf: self-made
cardigan: h&m
shirt: maison martin margiela
button-up: man's gap shirt
pants: rick owens lilies
boots: frye

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Anonymous Melody said...

Adore it all. Fab.

19/2/10 16:47  
Blogger deep_in_vogue said...

Yay! Can't wait until my hair is long enough for a bun. I sort of manage to pull it up right now with the help of a billion pins. Anyway, you look fabulous, LOVE the tan coat, it's spectacular. As far as this weekend goes.. I'll just try to catch up on some much needed sleep. xoxo

20/2/10 01:34  
Blogger Kristin said...

WOW. That scarf lends such a fabulous pop of color to your look. And I've struggled with insomnia ever since I was preggers. Totally stinks!

22/2/10 17:50  

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