case of the wednesdays...

new pants. they're a little less stretchy where they ought to be, but i'm making it work (i.e., GIANT, VERY SECURE BELT).

Have always had a lot of trouble with sleep, ever since I was a kid, in addition to the occasional migraine, and a series of seizures that I never told anyone about until I got caught in the middle of one at about age 12. My mom yelled at me and took me to a specialist, and I never had one again, even though it was never treated. The sleeping problems and the migraine stuck around, however, and now that the migraine is merely an intermittent bother, I have trouble sleeping every night.
I used to take prescription sleeping meds as melatonin gave me frightful nightmares that would, essentially, prevent me from sleeping altogether, thereby defeating its own purpose. Changes to my diet, my work schedule, my 'exercise' habits, etc. all remained fruitless, and at 23, I am perpetually exhausted. Coffee and tea are my sole drugs now, as my physician refused to write me a script for zolpidem. It's becoming a bother, now, with greater responsibility at school and at work (which I've suddenly lost my tolerance for altogether). I'm not sure what to do, but every morning it gets harder and harder and harder to get out of bed at 7 and crawl home beaten at 9.
So, pardon my horrible faces. :-) And giant hair.
Anyone else have any of these perpetual demons?

coat: nicholas k 'wess' parka
cardigan: ralph lauren
sweater: banana republic
pants: le full
boots: polo ralph lauren (need some better snow boots; abandoned my other ones)
gloves: portolano
hat: h&m
scarf: eddie bauer

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Blogger Daphne said...

Great gloves and boots! That sounds awful. I, praise god, don't have to get up early in the morning, because otherwise I would get no sleep either. I feel like this is a problem lots of people have-however, that doesn't help the individual deal with it! Good luck, and keep trying different things, don't just cope.

17/2/10 14:21  
Blogger THE DIVINITUS said...

hi girl,

answering your question - the fit is bizarre, I'm not used to , and so far i think, women are dumb wearing so uncomfortable shoes. lol!

18/2/10 16:17  
Blogger simplychic said...

o how i wish i could make casual look so chic! i love this look! and how great is the picture when you take the hate off??? love it all :)

on a serious note, the not sleeping is so detrimental to your well being, which i know you are fully aware of. my aunt had the same problems and she's managed to overcome it. i will find out what she did and e-mail you.

18/2/10 22:18  
Blogger Marla Singer said...

amazing scarf and boots <3

19/2/10 05:33  
Blogger simplychic said...

my aunt went to a sleep clinic. they hooked her up to some kind of machine and dr's or specialist monitored her over night. they determined it wasn't a medical condition, but her inability sleep was b/c of stress and anxiety. i believe she is on meds now. good luck with your sleep struggles!

19/2/10 20:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, can you please tell me what size you wear in shoes? I love your polo boots but have not seen a women's version. Are these men's or boy's boots? I wear a boys size 6 so if they are boys, please tell me where you think I may be able to locate them (online or in NYC). Thanks in advance!!!

21/2/10 05:37  

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